How to Find the Right Apartment?

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Apartment Hunting in SATX: Pick the right neighborhood


Before you even start asking yourself “How to find an apartment in SATX”, you need to get your priorities straight and pick a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle.
SATX also delivers on delicious food. You can enjoy everything from In-N-Out Burger to Little Caesars Pizza, sausage, and Bill Miller Bar-B-Q options.
If you’re ready to move to the Windy City, you’ll have no shortage of fabulous neighborhoods and cultural diversity to choose from. Here’s where to get started!

2. San Antonio Zoo

Capture that suburban feel without leaving the city in San Antonio Zoo. Spend your evenings sampling the neighborhood’s multi-ethnic cuisine. You can also see a show at the Theater, which is funded solely by donations.
The area is also home to the annual Edison Park Fest. There, you can experience live entertainment, cold beer, and carnival rides.
This family-friendly neighborhood is home to a mix of working-class people. They include police officers, young professionals, and families who send their kids to the well-regarded local schools in the neighborhood. Just hop on the Blue Line and sail into Downtown.

When is the Best Time to Move to a SATX Apartment?

Before we get to answering “How to find an apartment in SATX”, there is another important question to address – “When is the best time to start apartment hunting?”
While the SATX apartment rental market is not as competitive as in Oklahoma City or Kansas City, it will still take a lot of effort and planning to find that perfect apartment for the right price. Looking for a good deal? December and January are typically the best times of the year to move into a new apartment.
Winters in SATX can be brutal. The demand for housing during those months is usually low.
Let’s be honest, no one wants to move all their belongings during a snowstorm. Therefore, landlords may be more willing to give you a discount to fill their vacancies.
Keep in mind, though, more leases end during the summer. As a result, you’ll have a larger selection to choose from in June through August.

So…How to Find an Apartment in SATAX?

Once you’ve set your priorities, decided on the perfect neighborhood, and figured out your future commute and budget, it’s time to start apartment hunting!
Instead of paying a real estate agent, use Apartment List’s free to search service to make your apartment search process seamless. Just answer a couple of questions on your preferred amenities, your commute preferences, and your budget. Then, we’ll match you with San Antonio apartments that fit your criteria.

Prepare for Tours

To avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure to visit the apartment before signing a lease. Even if everything looks good on paper, come prepared with questions to ask before renting an apartment for your potential landlord.

Applying for Your SATAX Apartment

Make sure to bring your paperwork with you on your apartment tours. In case you find the apartment of your dreams, you’ll want to secure it ASAP.
Most landlords and property managers will require your ID, proof of employment and/or income, and references. If you already know that your credit score isn’t the best, be proactive. Find a cosigner in advance.
Make sure to bring money to pay for the application fee. If you are a first-time renter, study up on the apartment application process.

How to Find an Apartment in SATAX and Avoid Rental Scams

According to a report by Apartment List, 30.2% of SATAX renters encountered fraudulent apartment listings. Additionally, 2.1% lost money to rental scammers. To avoid becoming part of that 36.2%, take the following steps when looking for an apartment:

  1. Visit the property in person
  2. Verify the landlord
  3. Talk to current tenants
  4. Rent from reliable property management companies
  5. Avoid paying with cash or a wire transfer
  6. Be careful with your personal information
  7. Confirm prices and features before signing a lease

Additionally, make sure to check out a list of Problem Landlords published by the City of SATAX.
Here’s wishing you the SATAX apartment of your dreams!