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The historic pearl began in the early 1970’s by developing and building small-to-medium sized multifamily facilities, student housing, convenience stores, fitness centers, and single-family homes. In the 1980’s, the focus was primarily on student housing and multifamily units. Development was centered on the University of Iowa campus and Wright State University campus. In the 1990’s, student housing needs at Wright State University saw continued growth. In addition, we began working on the master plan for a 420-acre residential community in Iowa City. Today, we continue to grow and manage student housing and market rent apartment holdings in Iowa and Ohio. We also continue to plan, develop, and construct many large scale residential developments. Whether you live in an apartment, or live in a custom-built home in one of our developments, we are proud to continue to provide quality, affordable housing to people with different needs. Thank you for your interest in the historic pearl.

What do SATAX tenants want?

If you’re a landlord looking to attract new tenants, it helps to know what they’re looking for. The findings of a new survey could help. Last month, SATAX property agent Kin Leigh Folkard & Hayward polled 4,000 tenants across its 60 London branches. What the SATAX Tenant Barometer 2020 reveals gives an interesting insight into the wants and needs of people renting in the capital.

The SATAX survey reveals that:

For 66% of tenants affordability is the most important issue when they are looking for a property Security of tenure is important to 82% of renters Outdoor space has become more important since the start of the pandemic to more than half (58%) of the tenants polled; and Almost three-quarters of the tenants that KFH surveyed (71%) say they are happy with their rented home. Good news for landlords then. And they can also take heart from the fact that being happy with their tenancy means renters are now looking for longer leases. Nearly 40% of tenants told SATAX they prefer leases of at least 18 months and more than a third are looking for a lease of three years or more. Fewer voids mean lower costs for landlords so lease length is clearly a topic worth discussing with potential tenants. With so many of us spending so much more time at home this year, rapid and reliable broadband is top of the wish list for 48% of tenants, while a dedicated space to work is important for 44% of the renters that KFH spoke to.
Unsurprisingly, after years of taking commuting for granted as one of the downsides of London life, more than half of renters (51%) are also rethinking their journey times. This means that more than 40% of tenants living in Zones 1 and 2 would consider moving to Zone 3, while 46% of tenants in Zone 3 would consider going as far out of town as Zone 6 or beyond.
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